Butter-Black orchid

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Butter-Black orchid

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Delicate and exotic butter of orchids. For everyday massage on the body and the face. Provides elasticity of the skin and enhance the skin tonality. Make soft massage everyday on your face. And see the delightful effect.

What is Butter-Black orchid?

Delicate and exotic butter of orchids. Beautiful butter bar Macaron in which all women will fall in love. Provides elasticity and softness on your skin, prevents the appearance of stretch marks, penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, softens the skin and results in a younger look. The beautiful flower of orchid is a symbol of love, beauty and refinement, just like this butter. Designed for women of all ages for a better skin tonality, gentle and healthy looking skin. It contains anthocyanins that slow down ageing process.

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