Persephone Light – Anti-Aging Cream


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Product made with extracts from 9 wild flowers that provides young, fresh and pooped look on the wrinkled skin. It is inspired from the ancient goddess of spring Persephone. It is used for skin after 22 years as daily cream.

What is Citrus – Raw Cream ?

Flowers are the trend mark of our company; they symbolize beauty, pureness, nature, and tender love. It was quite a challenge for us to make a product that will combine many types of flowers. Persephone light is our greatest achievement. It is made to smooth the skin wrinkles and it is a symbol of youth. The name is inspired from the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades, Persephone is the ancient goddess of spring. This product is made with early spring wild flowers. Face cream designed for the female skin after age of 25. This is very feminine product because is made of nine types of floral extracts (magnolia, orchid, chamomile, marigold, wild rose, saffron, heather, thyme and yarrow) with a little touch of vanilla and cranberry. Smells like early spring evening. Naturally smoothens the skin has antioxidant properties and softens the skin. Makes the skin young and fresh again.

How to use

Apply on clean skin with circular movements. (just as any other cream).


Secretly patented. For more information contact us.

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